Friday, May 15, 2009

How is Nifty Nic Nacs green? Let us count the ways!

Here at Nifty Nic Nacs, we strive to be green! Here are some of the things we do to reduce waste:

1. We recycle all the packing materials that come in our shipments. Boxes are reused to ship your online orders. Whether it's usng packing peanuts in our own shipping (web store items or Ebay items) or wrapping breakable items in bubble wrap as we sell them or stuffing purses with the air-filled plastic bags, we don't miss an opportunity to reuse packing materials that otherwise might fill are landfills--at least they get additional use (and we hope the next person will do the same!).

2. We recylce paper by reusing envelopes and by making our scratch pads to use by the phone out of the blank areas on incoming mail, and in-store memos.

3. We keep a recycling bin in which we place cans and plastic bottles. Nifty Gianna collects the cans for Habitat for Humanity!

4. We use an air curtain at our front door that keeps the cool air in and the hot air out when we have our door open in the evenings. 

We will continue to implement techniques as we determine our ability. You do the same too, where and when you can! The world might just be a better place for those who come behind us.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Support Local Stores!

We have an "I $hop Local" sticker campaign at Nifty Nic Nacs: Stop in and pick up your free sticker that you can wear while you shop or stick on your bumper, laptop, forehead--anywhere! It is crucial to independently owned local small businesses for local residents to support them. For our business it is vital during the summer especially!

Don't forget! we're open in the evenings every night, Mondays through Saturdays! Parking is always FREE in downtown Venice.